Social Media Detox – Day 4

Day 4, eight fifty five pm (in the voice of Marcus Bentley). Toebee is finding it very hard not to look on news sites whilst at work.


I’m struggling at this very moment in time but to be honest the first 4 days have been fairly easy owing to the fact I’ve had some time away from work, so I’ve been constantly keeping myself busy.


I’ve had more time to think and had more time to spend on other people. Social networks are easier than news. I deleted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from my phone (something everyone should do) and that was the end of that. News is a bit harder firstly because its everywhere. Radio and TV are the most difficult to avoid, so I’ve had to employ some cleverer tactics. Mainly putting my fingers in my ears and running away.


My most difficult point of the challenge so far came at two in the morning last night. Earlier in the evening I had been out to a popular noodle and rice restaurant and the chef must have decided that my chicken didn’t need cooking. At 2 in the morning I was writhing around in agony on the bed clutching my stomach. I couldn’t sleep with the pain so lay in bed bored. I reached for my phone deciding that I’d have a quick look through Facebook and Twitter to make myself and my stomach feel better. Then I realised I couldn’t, half asleep I thought about re downloading it for longer than I should have. I felt disgusted with myself.


My dodgy stomach aside the point I’m trying to make is that it’s going well and I’m not missing it at all. There’s nothing missing from my life. I don’t go to bed at night with a nagging in the back of my mind that I should have checked social networks for the day. I feel better off for it. I’m concentrating more on things I can control not worrying about things in the Ukraine I can’t control (I overheard someone at work before you ask).


Like a recovering drug addict I’m just taking one day at a time….


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